Terms of sale / purchase

Please read the following conditions of sale/purchase of media from ZOOMiraj.com.

ZOOMiraj.com offers digital media to be purchased/sold under conditions, which are governed by these Terms of Use. By accepting these Terms the users acknowledge to be fully aware of them, to understand and accept them, and that they are allowed to use website ZOOMiraj.com and all affiliated web sites and services that belong to the website ZOOMiraj.com.

Changes of the contents of the Terms of Sale/Purchase can be implemented without prior notification.

It is the duty of the user to regularly read the Terms of Purchase/Sales for any changes and or amendments of the same and, and it is considered that users are familiar at all times with these Terms of Purchase/Sales.

Website ZOOMiraj.com is indemnified of any liability for damages that may result from or in any way connected with these changes.

Website ZOOMiraj.com is indemnified of any liability for any damage which has occurred or may have occurred, or is in any way connected with the use of services or Web site content.


All content of this site is owned by ZOOMiraj.com or its affiliates / associates and is protected by copyright law, commercial law, moral rights, and other laws governing the protection of intellectual property.

Website ZOOMiraj.com reserves all rights not expressly assigned to the user by a User Agreement.

Licenses covered by this Agreement will be terminate automatically and without notice if the user fails to comply with any provision of this Agreement.

Upon termination, the user is required to destroy all materials obtained from this site.

This agreement is valid for one person only (one user).

Awarded licenses cannot be used simultaneously on multiple devices, or by more than one person (user).

All material, which is available on this site, is used under the principle of a single publication in single medium (unless a special agreement, including an additional fee, was otherwise agreed upon).

Each separate use of the material (photographs, video, illustrations, vectors) removed from this site requires a special payment (fee) - to pay for the picture as many times as needed.

Using the same work (photos, videos, illustrations, vector) in multiple products without purchasing a separate licenses for each of its uses is a violation of this Agreement and shall entail liability for copyright infringement.

Photographs of people (personalized), with a name (first and last names) must be purchased Standard License.

Photographs of unnamed persons, of exemplary character, filmed mostly in a public place and / or during events, are bought mainly / mostly by choosing the Royalty Free license (RF).


License type:

First Royalty Free (RF)

Royalty free work (photos, videos, illustrations, vector) are made for general use. Clients pay for the compensating works and can be used multiple times for certain purposes without the payment of additional fees.

Royalty free materials purchased on Zoomiraj.com, the customer, user, member,  can use for 30 days without paying additional fees for its use or for the duration of co-operation (which implies that the discontinuity is no longer than 30 days).

Royalty Free License permits the use of copyright works integrated into the project or product and not as a principal, a definite part of the product.

Definitive means that the main reason, an important part, is why someone would want to purchase the product.

If the image is small and is used in the auxiliary mode, as well as smaller, secondary part of the product and not the focus of the product design, page layout, and is not a principal, or a definitive part of the product or a design then it is probably permissible to use.

As such it can be used in the preparation of brochures, ads, book covers, packaging, in promotional materials, newsletters, presentations, films and videos, and for Web site design.


Standard license

Standard license permits the use of copyright works integrated into the project or product and not as a principal, or a definitivee part of the product. Definitive implies that it is the main reason why someone would want to purchase the product.

If the image is small and is used in the auxiliary mode, as well as smaller, secondary part of the product and not the focus of the product design, page layout, and is not a principal, or a definitive part of the product or a design then it is probably permissible to use.

As such it can be used in the preparation of brochures, ads, book covers, packaging, in promotional materials, newsletters, presentations, films and videos, and for Web site design.


The extended license

Commercial use of this site’s materials is contracted by a separate agreement which includes a special fee. When you download a copyrighted material from our web site, you have bought a license with limited rights. Shoudl you want to use the copyrighted material as a primary element in the press, materials for further sale or as a web site or an electronic template, you must purchase an extended license.

Selecting the correct license provides adequate compensation to the author and ensures that an appropriate use of such material.

Extended license permits the use of an author's work as a primary element in printing posters, the sale of products which are mostly photographs, postcards, web design templates, PowerPoint templates, calendars, T-shirts, mugs, caps, mouse pads, online galleries, screensavers for your computer, e-cards, greeting cards etc.


4th Exclusive license

Exclusive license involves downloading material which can be used only by a sole user to which the author relinquishes any pertaining rights to a further distribution, and it guarantees that the customer who purchased the Exclusive License is the only one in possession of said material.

Exclusive License can be granted for a certain period.

Exclusive license includes a special fee and it defines the breadth of use.



This site and its contents may be used by adult individuals and legal entities, as well as registered users. User agrees to use this site and the products available in accordance with the law.

During registration the user will use complete and correct contact information. Impersonation is not allowed, nor impersonating other individuals or entities. You agree to update your user information to ensure its accuracy and completeness.



Author - the seller warrants that they are at least 18 years of age and is the person who has the right to enter into this agreement. The author guarantees that all the material submitted on this site is his/her copyrighted work and that he/she is the exclusive holder of all the moral and material rights, and that there is no third person that can claim any rights to the said materials.

Author solely takes upon himself/herself all the material and moral responsibility their material will not cause damage or question the rights of third parties, that their work does not impair the physical, moral, ethical, substantive rights of others. It does not break any laws or infringe upon individual rights, including the right to privacy and right to publicity.

In case of any damage or dispute that the author's work, its appearance and disclosure, could cause to another person or institution, the author takes the responsibility of burden of proof, ie, court appearances.

When required the author is obliged to obtain the consent for publication.

Author - the seller indemnifies this web site from liability with regard to the negative consequences that may be associated or caused by his work.

The author agrees that this website sells and/or distributes his work under the conditions stated in this Agreement. The author agrees that the work sold for the listed price and license offered on this website will garner earnings in the range of 20-50% of the net cost. Prices are subject to change.

The author agrees that his/her work be included in promotional campaigns run by this website which may offer discounts to customers and which will be reflected in the price of the royalties (pursuant to discount offered).

ZOOMiraj.com will pay compensation to the author up to the 10th day of the current month for the previous month, that is when the proceeds from the sale amount to at least 300.00kn.




Members / associates shall indemnify this website, its owner, its officers, employees, representatives, agents, and its activities related to the site of the allegations that, if true, constitute a violation of any warranty extended to either an associate or a member (customer). The indemnity applies to any or all liabilities, losses, damages, costs incurred as a result of the breach or violation of accepted obligations (guarantees).

Members, co-workers, customers agree that this web site is not and shall not be liable to both a member and/or any third party in the event of any claims and / or damages to the member and / or a third party for the materials used from this site.

Each member can cancel his/her account at any time, with or without giving a reason; however,  it is necessary to notify our  Support about this decision.

Contributors can cancel their account at any time, subject to the limitation that each image hosted on the site must be available for at least another 10 days upon termination of the account. ZOOMiraj.com can terminate member or associate’s account at any time, for any reason, or for no reason, or after a prolonged period of the said account’s inactivity.

Website ZOOMiraj.com used ZOOMiraj association for the promotion and sale of works of its members.
Associated member of ZOOMiraj can become paying annual dues amounting HRK 100.00 on account of the Association or upload (putting)
their works for sale, and the amount of the membership fee will be charged from the first sale of your works

Terms ordering, payment and delivery

These conditions are determined by the ordering, payment, delivery of products offered on this site.
Zoomiraj.com web site can be used for your personal use at no charge for use, according to the following terms and conditions.

Seller is ZOOMiraj and the buyer is visitor of these pages that fill the electronic order, send the seller and make payment via credit card or payment to the seller's account


The customer orders a product or products via electronic order form.

Buyer is any person who ordered at least one product, fill in the required information and submit your order.

All prices are in Croatian national currency, the Croatian kuna (HRK), including VAT.

Goods are ordered electronically, by clicking on a particular product and storing it in a basket. Goods are considered to be ordered when the customer chooses and approved manner payments.


Ordered products can be paid online one of the following credit and/or debit cards:American
Express®, MasterCard ®, Maestro ®, Diners, Visa or payment on account.


After the completion of payment and receipt of payment the customer can download the commissioned works.

If the buyer is not able to perform the download due to technical problems caused by the server vendor seller is obliged to send an e-mail with new options for download.

In the event that the buyer even then not being able to do the download, which is caused due to technical problems on the server vendor, the buyer is required to contact the sales department vendor that will offer an adequate solution.

The buyer is not entitled to a refund in this situation.


The buyer has the right to a refund if the seller does not provide customer download, download or paid products.

In the event that the buyer can not download the product, and technical problems are not related to the seller, but are caused by the customer, the operator or a third party vendor no responsibility and is not obliged
to allow the customer to download or delivery of the goods at no charge.

The buyer is within 5 (five) working days must download the product, then no longer be able to, no matter what the payment, download product. In this case, the buyer waives any claim.


ZOOMiraj reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. All changes will be applied to
use Zoomiraj.com pages. Buyer is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information upon purchase.

Services offered ZOOMiraj internet stores do not include the costs incurred by using computer equipment and services to access our site.

ZOOMiraj not responsible for the cost of the phone, Internet traffic, or any other expenses that may occur.

Although you ZOOMiraj strives to provide the best possible service offerings, ZOOMiraj not
guarantee that the services ZOOMiraj.com to suit your needs. ZOOMiraj also can not guarantee that the service will be error-free. If an error occurs, please
report them to the e-mail info@zoomiraj.com to remove it as quickly as possible.


By using the Web site ZOOMiraj.com, users confirm that they have read these terms, understand them, that they agree to them, and this is the complete and exclusive statement of understanding between users and websites ZOOMiraj.com.

ZOOMiraj.com can change these Terms at any time. If such a change is unacceptable to users, they can terminate their membership by notifying our Support.

This web site is created in good faith, mutual benefit and articulated common interests.